Babe is a casual, canned wine for the casual drinker. Created by social media influencer “The Fat Jewish” and Babe Walker, author of the book series White Girl Problems .   They are co-founders of a Company called Swish, which is the producer of Babe.

We currently carry Babe Grigio and Babe Rose and will be adding Babe Red to our offerings soon. Babe was created for social, fashion conscious young professionals that still enjoy a good time when out of the office.

Other Babe offerings include Babe Red.

Babe Grigio with Bubbles:

Babe Grigio with Bubbles is deliciously refreshing and fizzy with clean notes of Pear and Melon. Launched in 2018 as the greatly anticipated follow up to Babe Rose with bubbles. This is the wine that loves you back


Pinot Grigio

Full and complex, this wine has a nose that hints of pineapple, pears and sweet lemons.  Pinot Grigio has an acidity and minerality that provides balance.


A very aromatic and complex wine that opens with hints of pineapple, pear and baked apple. Flavors of mango and papaya fill the mouth. Nicely balanced with a soft lingering finish.

Sauvignon Blanc

Bright aromas of lime, white flowers and fresh citrus overwhelm the bouquet.  Primary flavors of nectar, peach and juicy melon.